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Looking for rare and delicious blue cheese?
Here you will find a hand picked selection of local and imported blue cheese to suit your taste or add to your platter.

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Blue Cheese


Fourme D’Ambert

Rhône-Alps Region, France

This is one of the most popular blue cheese exports from France. It sits in between a creamy and crumbly finish, with a soft delicate beginning and perfectly balanced aftertaste. It’s not too strong, and is usually accepted by those who won’t usually eat blue cheese
Per 100g = $6  |  Per kg = $55
Minimum order: 300g portion = $17  |  Packing size: 1.2kg ½ log = $65 / 2.4kg full log = $125


Shadows of Blue

Gippsland, Victoria

This rich double cream blue vein cheese has a creamy flavour, similar to Blue Castello. The cultures grow quickly in the rich milk, producing a firm chalky pâté initially, as the cheese ages this ‘chalky pâté’ is broken down by the Roqueforti mould cultures to create a soft pliable texture and a well balanced creamy, full flavour.
Per 100g = $5.50  |  Per kg = $50
Minimum order: 250g wedge = $13  |  Packing size: 2kg wheel = $95


Tarwin Blue

Berry’s Creek, Victoria

Made in the Gippsland region, which is famous for its cheese, this creamy blue has won three gold awards internationally and has a delicious lingering earthy flavour.
Per 100g = $5  |  Per kg = $48
Minimum order: 250g wedge = $13  |  Packing size: 1.5kg ½ wheel = $70

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