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Looking for rare and delicious soft cheese?
Here you will find a hand picked selection of local and imported soft cheese to suit your taste or add to your platter.

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Soft Cheese


Tarago Gippsland Brie

Gippsland, Victoria

Made in the famous Gippsland region, this brie has a very delicate rind with a soft, buttery flavour.
Per 100g = $4.50  |  Per kg = $40
Minimum order: 200g portion = $9  |  Packing size: 1.2kg wheel = $45


Le Rustique Camembert

Normandy, France

This camembert has mild earthy aromas with a luxurious complexity on the palate. When ripe the light yellow pâté will showcase a delicious creamy texture and distinctive mushroomy, yeasty, almost meaty flavours that are hard to beat.
Per 100g = $5.60  |  Per kg = $50
Minimum order: 250g wheel = $14 / 1kg wheel = $50


Le Dauphin D’affinois

Rhône-Alpes, France

An exceptionally soft and delicious creamy cheese, this d’affinois is made in the scenic hills of the Rhône Valley and ripened in a hexagonal wooden box to keep the silky texture until served.
A favourite of The Cheesesmith Cheese Company.
Per 100g = $7  |  Per kg = $65
Minimum order: 170g portion = $11  |  Packing size: 1kg hexagonal wheel = $65


Rouzaire Fromage de Meaux (double cream)

Seine-et-Marne, France

This is a refined and unique French cheese. The inside is straw coloured, with a rich flavour showing sweet and smoky elements. The outer rind is white and velvety with an aroma of mushrooms. Best eaten when reddish-brown spots start to appear on the outer rind.
This comes in an impressively large 3kg wheel and looks great as a platter centrepiece.
Per 100g = $7  |  Per kg = $65
Minimum order: 375g portion = $25  |  Packing size: 3kg wheel = $ 180


Brillat Savarin (triple-cream)

Seine et Marne, France

One of the original French cream-enriched cheeses, this cheese still follows the same recipe and process that was developed on the same French estate over a century ago. Perfectly served with some soft bread and quince paste, this cheese has a fluffy white exterior, with an inside that is soft and golden sweet.
Per 100g = $9.50  |  Per kg = $90
Packing sizes: 200g wheel = $19  |  500g wheel = $45


Delice de Bourgogne (soft triple-cream)

Bourgogne, France

This decadent French triple-cream is incredibly smooth, with a full flavoured soft taste, and a buttery-sweet finish.
One of the finest French triple-cream exports, and a guaranteed crowd pleaser.
Per 100g = $7  |  Per kilo = $65
Minimum order: 300g portion = $20  |  Packing size: 1.8kg wheel = $115


D’affinois aux Truffle

Rhône-Alpes, France

This French double-cream D’affinois is aged for 3 months, then cut open and truffles inserted into the pate, then re-sealed, wrapped in cloth and buried in a cave for the remainder of the ageing process. A beautiful soft cheese with an earthy aftertaste.
Per 100g = $6.50  |  Per kg = $65
Minimum order: 250g portion = $16  |  Packing size = 2kg wheel = $125


Rouzaire Coulommier

Ile-de-France (Seine-et-Marne)

Made by the famous French cheese maker Robert Rouzaire, this soft cheese sits in between a brie and camembert, with a rich buttery flavor finishing with slight citric notes on the palate. The milk is also subject to a gentle pasteurization and this in turn renders the cheese less salty.
Per 100g = $7  |  Per kg = $70
Minimum order: 400g wheel = $28  |  Packing size = 400g wheel


Pont L’Eveque – Washed Rind

Normandy, France

Pont-L’Évêque is one of the oldest cheeses of Normandy, an area renowned for the lushness of its pastures. This washed rind is processed like a camembert originally, then washed daily, brushed and turned during the ageing process. This allows a special bacteria to grow on the rind that gives this cheese an aromatic, delicious earthy flavour with hints of caramel.
Per 100g = $7.50  |  Per kg = $73
Minimum order: 230g portion = $17  |  Packing size: 1.4kg wheel = $100


Old Telegraph Road: Fire Engine Red (Washed Rind)

Gippsland, Victoria

The red washed rind is a result of the regular washing with bacterium linens which contributes to the strong aromas of this cheese. Its flavour characteristics will include caramel, cauliflower and cabbage, and displays a soft silky texture on the tongue.
Fire Engine Red is named in honour of the fire engines and the firemen who fought tirelessly to defend the Old Telegraph Road factory during the Black Saturday Bushfires in Feb 2009.
Per 100g = $5  |  Per kg = $48
Minimum order: 275g ¼ wheel = $13  |  Packing size: 1.1kg wheel = $52



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