Goats Cheese

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Looking for rare and delicious goats cheese?
Here you will find a hand picked selection of local and imported goats cheese to suit your taste or add to your platter.

Please email all orders to – cheese@thecheesesmith.com.au



Goats Cheese



Saint-Secret: Fromage de Chevre

Western-Loire, France

This is a natural goat cheese made near the Poitiers in the South-West of France. It is aged perfectly to give a chalky inner texture, and develops a ring around the outer edge with more pronounced goat flavours.
The taste of this cheese has been likened to a blend of Tarragon, Thyme and white wine.
Per 100g = $6  |  Per kg = $55
Minimum order: 250 portion = $15  |  Packing Size: 1kg log = $55


Polder Gold – 12 Month Aged Dutch Gouda

Friesland, Netherlands

This beautiful and rare aged Gouda is made with the milk of goats that live in the northern-most point of The Netherlands. The cheese is aged for a minimum of 12 months in the northern regions until the texture becomes a hard flaky cheese with beautiful, smooth goat flavours. A unique cheese, best eaten without crackers or bread and with a small amount of quince paste or tomato relish.
This rare Dutch cheese is exclusive to The Cheesesmith.
Per 100g = $13  |  Per kg = $130
Minimum order: 350g wax sealed ball = $45

Black Savourine

Victoria, Australia

This pyramid of goat cheese is semi-matured until the center sets with a soft, chalky texture. The rind is rubbed in ash to give this delicious cheese an earthy after taste.
Minimum order: 200g Pyramid = $14


Holy Goat La Luna Barrel

Castlemaine, Victoria

This beautiful handcrafted goat cheese is made on an organic farm using milk from goats that only graze on native herbs and shrubs.
The process is based on the traditional French soft curd style using slow lactic acid fermentation. A careful combination of moulds forms a distinctive rind with defined wrinkles. The cheese has an amazing depth of flavour; A creamy, full bodied interior with a citrusy tang and nutty overtones.
Minimum order: 110g barrel = $15

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