Hard Cheese

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Looking for rare and delicious hard cheese?
Here you will find a hand picked selection of local and imported hard cheese to suit your taste or add to your platter.

Email all orders to – cheese@thecheesesmith.com.au


Hard Cheese




Special Reserve Manchego

La Mancha Region, Spain

Since the time of the Romans, this cheese has been made under strict regional controls to preserve it’s original flavour and quality.
Made from mountain sheep’s milk and aged for 15 months, this semi-hard cheese is perfect on its own, or with a small amount of quince paste.
Per 100g = $6  |  Per kg = $60
Minimum Order: 375g wedge = $22  |  Packing size: 1.5kg ½ wheel = $85 / 3kg Wheel = $170


Viamala (Semi-hard washed rind)

Graubünden (Alps Region), Switzerland

This is a very rare and delicious cheese. Viamala is manufactured at over 1600 meters above sea level, and is a semi-hard cheese made from 100% organic cow’s milk from silage-free fed cows. The cheese undergoes a careful long-term (up to 12 months) maturation to ensure its optimum flavour development.
Per 100g = $7  |  Per kg = $65
Minimum order: 312g wedge = $21  |  Packing size: 2.5kg: ½ wheel = $160  |  5kg: full wheel = $300


Old Willig – 12 Month Aged Dutch Gouda

Friesland, Netherlands

This beautiful and rare aged Gouda is made with milk from the northern-most point of The Netherlands. The cheese is aged for a minimum of 12 months in the northern regions until the texture becomes a hard flaky cheese with beautiful, smooth flavours. A unique cheese, best eaten without crackers or bread and with a small amount of quince paste or tomato relish.
This rare Dutch Gouda is available in sheep’s milk, goat’s milk and cow’s milk, and is exclusive to The Cheesesmith.
Per 100g = $13  |  Per kg = $130
Minimum order: 350g wax sealed ball = $45


Marcel Petite Comté – 12 month aged

Franche Comte, France

Comté is one of the richest and most popular cheeses in France. It is traditionally produced in the Jurra mountains where the local farmers bring their milk own for cooperatives.
This Comté is matured for 12 months at 1,100 meters above sea level, within an old underground fort of Saint Antoine.
Per 100g = $8  |  Per kg = $75
Minimum order : 250g wedge = $19  |  Packing size: 36kg wheel


18 month aged UK Farmhouse Cheddar

Devon, England

One of the only traditional cheddars still made in Devon, the milk is hand selected only during Summer and Autumn, and once complete the cheese is aged for 18 months. A delicious full-bodied cheddar.
Per 100g = $9  |  Per kg = $80
Minimum order: 250g wedge = $22  |  Packing size: 25kg wheel


24 Month Aged Wax Cheddar

Elizabeth Town, Tasmania

This is a traditional farmhouse cheddar, specially crafted by hand using the old Australian traditional cheddaring technique. The milk is sourced only from the family’s own dairy cows, and the texture is flaky with a sharp nutty flavour.
Per 100g = $5.50  |  Per kg = $50
Minimum order: 325g wedge = $19  |  Packing size: 1.3kg wax-sealed half wheel = $65


Maffra Wesleydale Cheddar

Gippsland, Victoria

This award-winning cheddar from the famous Gippsland Region is a young cheese with a soft crumbly texture, and a beautiful yellow wax rind.
The perfect accompaniment to a platter, and particularly nice with a glass of port of Botrytis.
Per 100g = $5  |  Per kg = $45
Minimum order: 250g wedge = $12  |  Packing Size: 1kg wax sealed wedge = $45

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